Bakers Krate


Love baked goods? Can’t get enough of those delicious bars, cake pops, and handmade cakes and pies? Bakers Krate sends you 5+ local, artisan, gourmet baked goods monthly! The treats are handcrafted and locally sourced to ensure you get homemade goodies that taste great and support the locals! Get a chance to try yummy products from bakeries you’ve never heard of! You’ll love all the sweetness added in each box, and now you know where to get your new fav baked goods! Loving this Canadian subscription!In this box;

  1. Caramel Chocolate Chip Bar by A.M.T. Creations – oooo so delicious, had to open this right away to get that delicious caramel and chocolate gooooey goodness!
  2. Christmas Tree Oreo by the Chocolate Lab – a fancy little xmas oreo chocolate tree!
  3. Christmas Popcorn – caramel and white chocolate drizzled popcorn, so fancy!
  4. Candy Cane Cake Truffle Ball by Sweet Bakery & Tea House – Love cake pop style treats! Soooo rich a decadent! Couldn’t believe have decadent this ball of goodness is, drool, damn cake pops, so good!
  5. Buttercrunch Toffee Shortbread by Eat My Shortbread – Mmmm super buttery and filled with toffee!

Starting at only $17.99 a box plus shipping for a longer subscription. Much easier and more convenient then travelling from bakery to bakery, let them do the work of sourcing those delicate gourmet goods! Order here;

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