SnackSack – May



Mmmmm I love SnaaaackSaaack. Another impressive month here for May and still a top 5 fav company of mine for sure. Their products are natural, junk-free and are all or some of the following; organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, vegan or gluten-free. In this box;

  1. Cabo blue corn tortilla chips – these came just when I ran out, I’m obsessed with chips and salsa.
  2. Vintage italia sea salt pasta chips – these go great with the olives, would love to try the Alfredo flavour! Comes with a coupon for another free bag!
  3. Ona peanut butter cookie – 2 yummy cookies, taste like dough!
  4. Munk Pack – yessssss so excited to see one of my favourite finds, haven’t been able to find this in stores yet!!!! Send me more! Excited to try this new flavour the raspberry coconut, I know an oatmeal squeeze pack sounds weird but don’t knock it till ya try it!
  5. Barney crunch almond butter – Mmm perfect on toast!
  6.  Chic-A-Peas sea salt baked crunchy chickpeas – not a chickpea fan, tried but meh, not my thing!
  7. RawRev chocolate espresso crunch bar – another favourite here, loved the cookie dough one so gotta love this one!
  8. Laughing Giraffe snakaroons – a lemon and a vanilla macaroon, yummmmy!
  9. Fru-Licious smoothie pop – a strawberry and a banana, hesistant as the ingredients don’t sound too healthy compared to the rest of the box.
  10. Olympos putted green olives – tried these a few months ago and was happy to see them again! Pair great with the pasta chips!
  11. One potato two potato Hawaiian BBQ chips – these are yummy, ate them pretty quick!

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