Love With Food



Guess who finally delivers to Canada? Love with Food! Want junk-free, organic, all natural snacks delivered to your door? Love With Food includes all sorts of goodies that are hard to find in stores. Introducing you to some of your new favorites for sure. Can’t get enough? Their products are also available for purchase in store. I like that they include some coupons for new companies worth discovering as well, and even have snack boxes available for your office, perfect to treat your co-workers or employees over the holidays! This is an older box, but still worth sharing it’s yummy contents! In this box;

1. Halo Texas BBQ seaweed snack – never tried a flavour of seaweed snack before but love it! 

2. Chimes toasted coconut toffee – mmmm such a yummy little hard candy treat! 

3. Frü-licious smoothie – had these before, yummy little frozen treat! 

4. Sheefa zesty snack mix – small but yummy, like the crispy noodles! 

5. Mighty Nut powdered vanilla peanut butter – whaaa? Powdered? Never heard of this till now, very interesting and yummy. 

6. Pique Tea – tea crystals, quick and easy for a quick tea on the go. 

7. Goodie Girl quinoa chocolate chip cookies – yummy gluten free cookies!

8. Natures Path crispy rice bar – love these, they are soooo good! 

9. PopCorners kettle chips – simple and yummy! 

The tasting box comes with 8 or more new snacks and starts at only $7.99. There are also gluten free options as well, or deluxe boxes if you want a bigger box to share with the family (or keep to yourself)! They also donate a meal (or 2, depending on your subscription) to a hungry child for each purchase you make. I love their point system as well, each box gets you closer to free products and boxes in the future! Get $5.00 off your first box with the link below! Free shipping in the US!

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