The Extraordinary Man Box


Want to get your man the perfect gift? How about a gift for your groomsmen fellas? Or perhaps you just want to indulge a little yourself? Regardless, I’m loving The Extraordinary Man Box. It’s a jam packed seasonal subscription box bringing you the latest trends and hot items. Brought to you from BC Living, they already test and showcase so many amazing items that they decided to just send it in a box and share with everyone! Every quarter you’ll get 6-8 curated products that will leave you smiling for sure with their fine finds and must have items like accessories, clothing, home decor, snacks, pantry items, bath and body products, personal care items and cool outdoor gear! They will send you items to make you look and feel great, shaping you up to be the most extraordinary man! In this box we have some gear that will prepare you for the Fall season with some sexy accessories and self care products for that dry weather;

  1. STARBUCKS ESPRESSO ROAST GROUND COFFEE – bold, dark roast has a rich caramel flavor, mmm love a nice bold cup of joe!
  2. DI MORELLI CLEAR SKIN EXFOLIATING PADS – deep-cleansing tool that’s perfect for the guy in your life, we know they don’t take care of their skin like we do!
  3. NATURE DERIVED BEST COAST LIP BALM – organic shea, cocoa butter, coconut, beeswax, avocado, peppermint and eucalyptus oil. Super cooling on your dry chapped lips, rub a little on and get kissable!
  4. PEREGRINE SUPPLY CO. FACE AND BEARD SOAP – Loving this manly smelling soap with hints of cedarwood, clove and sandalwood, perfect for that manly beard!
  5. EXTRAORDINARY MAN LEATHER SHOEHORN – Love this, it’s classy looking and easy to use, you never think you’ll need one until you have one!
  6. VULPINI SILK POCKET SQUARE – Andalusian tile style and the perfect accessory.
  7. WOLF CLOTHING CO. PLAYBOY SOCK – 176-needle-count and suuuuper comfy.

This box is valued at $147 which is amazing as it’s only $74 quarterly… I have no idea how that’s even possible as the hammock costs half that so you are definitely getting a kick-ass deal here! Free shipping too! Love that this a Canadian company, their warehouse is in my birth town of New West too! Whaaa?! Looking for something for her? Stay tuned for another Simply Beautiful box, a fav or mine! Order here;

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