Are you a wine-o? Love a good glass of bold red, how about a crisp white or delicate rose all day? Drinjk is a wine subscription, yes you heard right! Each month you will get a box with 3 fun and modern wine tubes containing a generous amount of amazing tasting wine that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It’s a perfect portion for 2 small glasses, or if you’re like me, you’ll save it all for yourself! Worried about your wine traveling across the country? They have engineered the perfect environmentally friendly glass tubes that are made to protect the integrity of your wine so you only have to worry about which one is your favorite! It’s perfect really, you can try as many wines as you want by the glass with these 6.3 ounce bottles being shipped quarterly without committing to an entire bottle that you might not even like! I was obsessed with all 3 of the selections they sent, they were phenomenal, I’m no wine sommelier but this was fabulous wine! In this box we have 3 wine tubes.

  1. Marques Azul 2016 from Spain – How fun is this BLUE wine! I’ve never heard or seen it before! It’s literally the colour of the Mediterranean sea as it’s a naturally colored blue Chardonnay grown in the mountainous region of Jumilla, Spain. This is a dry tropical wine with hints of mango, papaya, pineapple and passion fruit, and will wow everyone!
  2. Joey North 2017 from Canada – A crisp summer white wine, loving this Pinot Blanc with hints of green apple, pear and apricot. It’s a limited edition wine that was handcrafted by the founder exclusively for Drinjk.
  3. Doluca Red 2016 from Turkey – This is a fun deep dark Bogazkere blend with black cherries, pepper, clove and dark chocolate, a fun blend of indigenous grapes from one of the world’s oldest grape regions.

Want to know what’s the most exciting thing? Soon they’ll have WINE ADVENT CALENDARS!!! Seriously, what could be better? It’s the perfect gift for a friend, family or for yourself! 24 days and 24 wines, yesssss. Mom? You’ll love this. Sista? With 2 little ones, hell ya. BF? Yup… only if he’s sharing with me! Need to buy a gift for a secret santa? You’ll be remembered for giving this as a gift! No more chocolate calendars for me, I’m sticking to wine advent calendars from now on! It will literally be Christmas every. single. day. Each day will have a new door to open with a new wine from a new place, from Spain to Portugal to Turkey, from Chardonnay to Sangiovese!

Want more? You will also get a VIP membership with 25% discount off all full sized 750 ml bottle purchases FOREVER! Ummm… yes please! Oh and FREE shipping! Still want more? How about FREE wine training courses! Don’t mind if I do! I might just start my Christmas shopping early for next year and buy this for EVERYONE! I feel like Oprah right now. You’re getting wine, you’re getting wine! Everyone is getting wine!

The small bottles start at $4.99 and up, the full 750ml bottles start at $19.95. The Advent calendar will be $139. Or sign up for a subscription for $59 for 3 bottles every quarter.  You may also remember this company’s previous name Sip & Savour, be sure to follow along on their new name and changes to the company! #FindYourPerfectWine Order here;



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