Elixir Fixer


Are you looking for the original party in a bottle? Well you’ve found it with Elixir Fixer! It has everything you need to be that rock star bartender you’ve always wanted to be! Just mix with your favorite spirit or some bubbly or soda for a virgin cocktail! I know that I have cupboards stocked with different syrups, bitters, a dash of this and a splash of that, but this saves space and has everything in the bottle to help you save time and money from buying expensive ingredients. They are small batch artisanal syrups filled with locally sourced fresh fruit and herbs. With fixers created by a chef and culinary artist that loved making signature cocktails so much that he decided to bottle it up! That’s not all, you can use them in marinades, salad dressings, sauces and desserts too!

They have such kickass flavors too, like Almond Amore which is Almond, coconut, lime zest and fresh pomegranate juice, I’m obsessed with Almond in my coffee or latte so this one is a must have for me! The Got a Pear has Fresh pear, orange blossom water and Madagascar vanilla beans, mmmm pear in a cocktail is my new fav lately. The Nola Cola is fun with New Orleans inspired cola with cherries, star anise, and Madagascar vanilla. New Orleans has been on my top 3 list lately to head back there for a visit, so maybe this mix will inspire me to book that flight! The Fast Thymes is another fun one with Lemon thyme, lemon zest, northwest honey, rose water and lemongrass, mmmm this would be a good cocktail to pair with a southeast Asian meal for sure with that lemongrass flavor! Lastly we have a new one called Baby Maker!!! How brilliant! Perfect with some dark rum, and filled with passion fruit, pineapple, coconut and kiwi! Drooool!

Only $15 a bottle. Still not good enough? Use code FUN2SG3 to get $5 off per bottle! So each bottle is only $10… sounds a lot better than $20 for a bottle of syrup and $20 for a bottle of bitters and so on if you ask me! be sure to check out their recipes to get an idea of what kinda cocktails you can create with this liquid gold! Order here;


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