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Three Ranges Brewing


Cheers to these delicious beers from up north in the small town of Valemount! Got this colourful 6-pack with all theses amazing beers from Three Ranges Brewing! This local BC brewery caught my eye with their hilariously named brewski’s and I loved how every can design was completely different. They’ve got a little something for everyone from a light Kolsch, Pilsner or IPA, to a Red, Brown or Porter. My fav has to be the Blonde Ale and ISA but I’m a big fan of everything I’ve tried so far of theirs!

I loved their start up story, veteran fella from Texas married a Canadian lady and fell in love with Valemount, beer lovers themselves they decided to delve into the industry and have churned out some del ious stuff so far! Excited to see what else they’ve got in store for us! Find out more here; App


Tired of searching for the newest delicious beers at countless liquor stores and breweries? Check out the one stop shop new delivery app delivering not only local craft beer, but also wine, champagne, cider, spirits and liquor! Choose from a ton of local or import products that you can either pick up or have delivered for free the next day! This is a new app that just launched in the Lower Mainland and they are killing it will supplying us with the products we want when we want it!

My first time ordering I went for the Andina Apricot Peach Sour as I knew I wasn’t going to make it out to their brewery in time to snag this limited release. I also grabbed a Mango Cider from Somersby that I hadn’t seen in store so just had to snag while I had the chance! Download the app and check em’ out my friends!

Mad Lab Distillery


I’ve been gushing over all the amazing local distilleries we have in Vancouver. Why was I ever crossing the border to get ‘the cheap stuff’ when we have ‘the amazing stuff’ right here? I first saw MadLab at BC Distillers last year and was blown away by the new and exciting stuff they were creating. A locally known small batch distillery that makes hand crafted spirits using local ingredients including their well known single malt whiskey, some basics including vodka and gin, along with some fun stuff like Kombucha Cordial. They’ve also got flavours like Cran-Orange and Blueberry that are super easy to pickup into a light and refreshing summertime cocktail. They’ve also got some killer cocktail series from their S’mores Old Fashioned that easy enough to just pour over ice around a campfire to the Blue Negroni made with their Amaro & Kombucha Cordial. They even have bitters including coffee and orange, which I put orange in the caesar above. Sooo good. They have tons of other kinds too though from Tomato to Pecan Pie! They even have Raki, which I’ve heard is a Turkish anise flavoured booze.

You can find their products in liquor stores throughout BC including Victoria and Whistler, and pouring in tons of restaurants and lounges, making for some perfect cocktails. Also, get free shipping across Canada for orders over $150! Find out more here;

Summerland Heritage Cider Co.


Cider time! Ciders are the perfect summer beverage, and these delicious small batch crafted ciders from Summerland Heritage Cider Co. couldn’t have come at a better time! They use 100% natural fruit juice made from European heritage apples from their own orchard. They are based in Summerland in the Okanagan which is one of my favorite places and fun fact, also where my sister got married! I’m in love with their ciders, the are obviously low carb if your working on your summer body and no sugar added which is good for me!

My fav is Tuesdays Original which is an English style cider. The Station which is fermented and aged for a year, so good! The Flume uses dessert apples and super tasty. They also have a Gose Style, Woodland Hopped, Farm Pressed, Sweet Paradise. Porter Dry and even some Bourbon Barreled Aged ciders that I need to get my hands on but I highly suggest trying out those first 3, your sure to find a new fav!

Use code CIDER15 to save 15% on case orders of 12 or more! They also offer free shipping in the Greater Vancouver, Kelowna and Penticton, or curb-side pickup. You can find their products in stores all over BC as well. Next order of business, I need to get out to their tasting rokm pronto! Looks adorable! Order here;

Sons of Vancouver Distillery


Over the past few months I’ve realized how important it is to shop locally. Sourcing local spirits is incredibly easy as we have so many amazing distilleries pumping out some really fantastic products. I stumbled upon Sons of Vancouver at the BC Distillers event and wow, what amazing stuff they are making! This small batch distillery is creating a range of spirits including Vodka, Chili Vodka, Coffee Liquor and Amaretto.

I love the chili vodka and use it for my caesars to get a kick of spice. Their Amaretto is amazing, so smooth and easy to sip on chilled or in a cocktail. Made with apricot kernels, bourbon vanilla beans, orange peel, Demerara and blackberry honey. What a delicious combo! Their coffee liquor is the bomb, made with North Van coffee and great in cocktails like an Espresso Martini! They’ve also got a Tiki Creamer for the Pina Colada lover, Blue Curaçao for the cocktail maker, and even Coconut Liquor! Droooool.

You can find their products in liquor stores around Vancouver and pouring in tons of restaurants and lounges, making for some perfect cocktails. Also, something awesome that you likely didn’t know, they offer a distillery school! Spend a work week with them learning the ins and outs of running a distillery! Pretty awesome! Find out more here;

Sea Cider


Who’s jumped on the Cider bandwagon these days? I’ve just been loooving cider lately and want to try them all! Sea Cider has been a fav of mine for years now. They have TONS of different kinds in their lineup so there’s something for everyone! Do you like Rum? Try the Rumrunner! Do you like berries? Try the Cherry Lane! Rose all day fan? Check out their Ruby Rose! They use delicious organic heirloom apples to make incredibly tasting cider. They have different series to choose from, from the Canadian Invasion series where proceeds go towards invasive species attention, the Heirloom series that are focused on varietals and Barrel series that are influenced by the oak aging methods of adding spirits to yield a higher alcohol content. They also have still cider elixirs that are fortified, I haven’t tried but look super fancy! They are dessert style and look yummy over some ice cream!

I love how many kinds of cider they have and they all taste different. You can also creat fun cocktails with them or add them to your cooking recipe! I love adding a little cider in my meat dishes and creating a fancy sparking cocktail! Be sure to check out their cider club if your looking for a regular stock up, or if your on the Island near Victoria be sure to visit their tasting room for a flight and charcuterie board! They also offer free local deliveries! Find out more here;

Merridale Cider


Looking to try some local cider? Check out Merridale Cidery & Distillery from Cowichan on the Island! I’m loving their all natural, farm crafted ciders made with 100% apple juice from cider apples on their own farm, all naturally fermented! I had a chance to try 4 of their canned ciders including the Traditional, Cowichan Dry made with English style apples, Merri Berri, which is made with raspberries, cherries and red currant, and the Jalisco Cidre which is made with fresh lime juice from Jalisco, Mexico! The Jalisco is my favorite, super crisp and easy drinking on a warm day!

They also offer food orders for takeout or delivery PLUS they are also a distillery! Offering up their own Vodka, Gin, Rum, Brandy and more! Not to mention they have a lovely location to visit for tours, events, weddings and even glamping! It just keeps getting better!

They are currently offering free local delivery on the Island. Be sure to use code BESAFE for $20 off your case of cider! Order here;

Left Field Cider Co.


My fav cider you ask? The Rhubarb infused creation from Left Field Cider Co. of course! Left Field makes handcrafted, small batch, artisanal English style ciders north of Merritt at Mammett Lake, a gorgeous area. They use English & French dessert apples and everyday eating apples to create some delicious concoctions! This family run business started off with an idea to make cider in a bucket in their kitchen, and turned into a business after taking many cidermaking courses with some of the pros!

They have a Bunk House dry hopped cider that is delicious and the perfect cider for all you beer lovers, made with Cascadian and Chinook hops. The School House ginger infused gives a nice warm and spicy punch of ginger. Joe Shack Rhubarb infused is obviously my favourite, I’ve never had a rhubarb cider before and now I’m obsessed! Made with local BC rhubarb of course! The Cook House is a raspberry infused, which makes it a little tart and sweet. Then they have their Big Dry, Little Dry, Pear Dry and English Dry.

They also have a cider club where you’ll get a case for Spring, Summer & Fall with free pickups in Merritt, Kamloops, Kelowna and Vancouver and starting at only $71 a case, that’s under $6 a bottle! Woot! They have no doubt inspired me to jump on the cider wagon!

Find out more and order here;

Our Ciders


Scenic Road Cider Co.


Okay I have been so cider obsessed lately! Anyone else? Back in the day I’d have a cider here and there but there were never any good local options. These days there are so many amazing companies rolling out some delicious products! My latest fav has been Scenic Road Cider Co. from Kelowna, a local company in the Okanagan. They’ve been handcrafting small batches of some fab tasting ciders using their very own apples as well as other local produce. I absolutely love their bottle designs, such adorable prints that are all different and unique! They have a few flavours to choose from all made with all natural and gluten free ingredients.

  1. Dry – This one uses English style apples as well as traditional, super easy drinking. 
  2. Nearly Dry – This one is your traditional blend of OK valley apples. 
  3. Razz – loving the addition of some local Fraser Valley raspberries in this blend, subtle and delicious.
  4. Mama Beary – Love that this one supports ‘Mamas for Mamas’ which is a local charity for women. Great flavour with the addition of raspberries, red currants and blackberries. Droool.
  5. Peary – My fav, made with local dessert pears and oh so yummy!

They also come out with Cidermaker Select Series so keep your eye out for those gems! Be sure to try them out and support your locals during this crazy time. They currently offer curb side pickup, home delivery and shipping so you can stock up and enjoy a cold one! Can’t wait to give them a visit on my next trip to the Okanagan once everything opens back up! Find out more here;

Crafty Cocktails


Are you a bartender in the making? Want to spruce up your cocktail game? Y’all know I’m cocktail obsessed so naturally I feel in love with Crafty Cocktails. Generally when I’m at home I try to stick to what I know, some basic fancy but easy to make cocktails including a nice Pisco Sour, Margarita, Mojito, Old Fashioned, Caesar, Pimms Cup and a few others. I’ve been splurging on syrups and bitters but never quite sure what to make with them. Luckily Crafty Cocktails has given me a ton new recipes and recipe ideas to try out! Sending you a box full of ingredients, minus the spirit itself. Choose from a ton of past boxes on their online shop or go for a month subscription and get a new surprise box each month with a different theme, new spirit to introduce and a hand full of recipes to try out.

I never have all the ingredients necessary to create the perfect cocktail! But fear not! They will provide the syrups, shrubs, bitters, tinctures and garnishes so you can wow your friends and guests! No more trying to source all the bar ingredients to make new and exciting drinks, now you can get your own box and create magical drinks on your own without having to own a massive collection! Just follow the recipe and whip up a few cocktails sure to impress everyone, perfect if your into mixology or experimenting behind the bar, and a great gift idea, I’m thinking a house warming for sure!

Choose from 3 different sizes of boxes depending if you want 1, 2 or all 3 recipes. I got the larger boxes which included 3 recipes that were all super simple to make, packed with fresh and local Canadian ingredients, a fun garnish and super cute themes. The first box I tried was called Bubbles and was the New Year’s Box which required a bottle of bubbles, brut, champagne or sparking wine. It included everything you need except the ice, spirit and tools which you supply yourself. The 3 drink recipes were super easy to recreate, not to mention they have tutorial videos if your not very good at the techniques, although I’m going to toot my own horn and say that I’m very well versed in the techniques. I was so excited to introduce the new ingredients into my cocktail set that I ended up creating a little bar corner in my place to organize all my syrups, bitters and mixology ingredients. Thanks for the motivation! Then I had the Irish Whiskey Box and then this one which they concocted for me!

You can sign up for a monthly subscription for $60 a month, or sign up for a year and it’s only $50 month, plus use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL for 20% off! Order here;