True Nosh Cooking Classes


One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is cook & bake. The most frustrating thing is not having the ingredients at hand, and having zero clue of what to make! I was excited to hear about True Nosh and their fun cooking classes. Their kitchen is right near my work, and super convenient to get to. It’s an adorable heritage looking house with a fun open concept kitchen where everyone can take a seat and join in while having great conversation and enjoying a beautiful and delicious home cooked meal! Something great about True Nosh is Renee your instructor, and her passion for healthy food. Renee is all about having a delicious but nutritious meal that’s sugar free. With Diabetes running in the family, this is something we should really all think about more often! Think of all the sauces we use at home that are made packed with sugar, maybe yummy but not so healthy.

We took the; Making Authentic Thai Curries & Tom Yum Soup From Scratch, cooking class. Thai food is my favorite food so I just had to jump for this class when I saw it posted. We had a chance to make 3 different curries including Green, Yellow, Red and even some Tom Yum Soup, mmmm my favorite! We all got to partake in cutting up the veggies and ingredients.

They have tons of upcoming classes including how to make Hainanese chicken, sweet & sour pork, a brunch class with frittatas and cinnamon buns, Dim Sum, sticky rice, dumplings, and even special events like tea parties, high tea, and more! You can even BYOB, we brought a nice bottle of red to go with our cooking and chow down! Her classes are great prices too, generally around $50 which includes all the ingredients, a full meal to eat, the class instruction and even some leftovers, plus you can learn some Chinese words while your at it! It’s nice to chat with the others as well, full introductions and great conversation is the perfect addition.

You can also buy some products like her yummy granola, sauces for Chinese dishes like Black Bean, Hoisin, Oyster and Sweet & Sour, plus a line of hot sauces. I suggest trying them out as it’s healthier than buying the

They also have other classes held at their location, like yoga classes in their boutique yoga studio with 1+ class everyday and even a wellness retreat! Ohhh I would love to go on the Bali retreat, my fav place! Looks like they are heading there in April of 2019. Dare to dream Kelsey, dare to dream.

Find out more here;

2200 Ontario St, Vancouver

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