DateBoxClub – May



Date night tonight! Let them plan your next date to bring you and your hunny bunny closer. The DateBoxClub brings you a thoughtful way to stay connected with a little activity. They send a monthly creative date, maybe a DIY project, trying a new food, painting or playing a game. In this box;

  1. Bella Luci soy candle – this smells so yummy, funny how the note on it says that a fragrance can transport you to a past emotion, more so than sight and sound, and it’s true, this one reminded me of a memory from my childhood.
  2. Love notes – 8 colouring love notes with pencil crayons to get your artsy side going, with questionnaires on the back to keep that communication going.
  3. Porcupine love letter holder – leave the love note on this holder… I personally would not be able to wait to open it! If I saw a love note it would be open in 2 seconds! I love notes, love letters, postcards, any snail mail I find incredibly romantic.

Be sure to order your next date in a box for $35 plus shipping and get 25% off using code Kelsey25 and be sure to check out their Pinterest page, so many great date ideas!


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