HouseBox – October



One of my favs, the House Box brings you those innovative, natural products to your door, I’ve never heard of any of these before, thank you House Box for introducing me and always educating me about how I can put better product in my home and in my body without having to worry about all the toxins and chemicals. HouseBox was my first to review and is still a favourite and must have! Only sad I missed box 1 & 2 thou still! October is their Fall themed box, and they did another great job on finding cute little household items! Love that they use mostly local and small companies, I’ve loved every item I’ve received so far, trust me, you won’t be disappointed. In this box;

  1. The Laundry Tarts pumpkin spice laundry tablets – Love this company, got one of their stain rollers last time so happy about these little tablets, perfect for the season! This company used vegan, biodegradable and hyperallergenic ingredients which is perfect for me and my sensitive skin.
  2. Fox Run pumpkin cookie cutter – Right in time for the holidays! I don’t have a cookie cutter at home so happy to finally have one!
  3. Arbonne – Lots of Arbonne products! We have a protein shake in vanilla, all natural and GF sweetened with Stevia. We have a fizz stick that adds a little bubbly to your drink and promotes alertness and cognitive enhancer. A fit chew, which I thought was a caramel and ate it right away, but it was actually a natural appetite suppressant, haha, good to know. Also a Pure Vibrance Hair Serum, which tames your fly aways and helps repair split ends.
  4. Herbal Healing lemon lip balm – love the scent and softness! 
  5. Hemp Heart – never tried these before but my mom and sis would be proud of me so I’ll have to try them! 

HouseBox is a Canadian subscription box company that delivers natural and hard to find household products to your door bimonthly from $18.99 a month! Get 25% your first box at here’s the link!



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