Universal Yum – February 2016


image.jpegMmmm Universal yummmmm, this is my second box, I get a little too excited when I see this box, it’s always such a surprise on what could be inside as I’ve never seen these products before! This box was full of chocolaty surprises, what a lovely Valentine’s I had!

Item #1 – Rochambeau Cheese Puffs – So I have tried quite a few cheese puffs and am personally a big fan, I’d say these were the most tasty I have ever tried, they were so fresh and crunchy tasting! Melt in your mouth, and stinky cheese tasting! 

Item #2 – St Michel Mini Madeleines – This was by far my favorite item, I have never tried Madeleines before but they smell like Almond Extract, I actually kept the bag because it smells so good! They were delicious and doughy, and I may have ate 3 in 1 sitting… by accident…

Item #3 – Chabert & Guillot Nougat Bar – Me Love Nougat, this was one of the best nougats I’ve tried, soft and delectable! 

Item #4 – Pierrot Gourmand Fruit Lollipop – This item didn’t impress me too much, seemed like a plain lollipop to me! 

Item #5 – Loc Maria Dark Chocolate Crepe Dentelles – Crispy little rolled up crepes, never tried anything like it, and oh so good! 

Item #6 – Carambar – Unfortunately these caramels were hardened so hard to eat, buuuut I ate them anyways, reminded me of tootsie rolls but more caramel less fudge tasting! 

Item #7 – Lutti Magnificat Caramels – Reminds me of Wherther’s originals but better!

Item #8 – LiquiCroc Chocolate Dragées Pecou- These were different, ate them too fast, so I obviously liked them! 

Up next month; Philippines!



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