Irish Taste Club


I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland! Since I don’t have a trip planned just yet, the Irish Taste Club will do! Sending you 6-9 small batch artisan products selected from across Ireland! These items could range from candy, snacks, spices, savoury and sweet sauces, jams and chutneys, baking or cooking ingredients, crisps, crackers and more! You’ll get to experience a piece of Ireland from your home, no matter where you live! These products are carefully selected from small independent businesses and are gourmet fine foods you don’t want to miss! From Guinness style cake to a delicious steak sauce! In this box;

  1. Gran Grans Food Steak Sauce – Mmm I love steak sauce, great on burgers too!
  2. Gran Grans Food Chutney for Cheese – Perfect to add on a charcuterie board with some cheese and cured meat! Delicious!
  3. The Foods of Athenry Flapjack Minis – Gluten free and wheat free and made with honey, seeds, chocolate chips, coconut and dried fruit. Yummy goodness in a bite sized portion!
  4. The Foods of Athenry Porter Cake – Made with Guinness!!!! Yessss you heard right! This massive heavy cake tastes as good as it looks, such a fun local item to include!
  5. Keogh’s Farm Cheese & Onion Crisps – Love how the call them crisps instead of chips, but hey! Do what the locals do!
  6. Lily O’Briens 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate – A nice big bag which is great for sharing or for baking!
  7. Aine Handmade Chocolates – A nice little box full of mini chocolates to enjoy! They’ve won some awards for their chocolates filled with only natural ingredients.

Try out a box and feel like your wandering the local market in Ireland! Starting at $45 US a month for a years subscription or $49 a month to try just one time! Free shipping across the US! They ship to the US, Canada, Britain, Europe and Australia. Order here;


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