Pair of Thieves


Yessssss – my fav under garment brand! So excited to introduce you all to Pair of Thieves! They have been a favorite company of mine lately with their high performance socks, under shirts and stylish underoooo’s for men and socks for women and kids! I first found their products in Target a couple years ago. They have some super comfy underwear for men from boxers and briefs to trunks in so many different styles, shapes and colours. They also have super soft and comfy V and crew neck undershirts and a massive line of odor resistant socks from no shows, to fancy crew and cushion cuts with a ton of styles to choose from! I’m pretty jealous that they only have socks for women, would love to see them start on a women’s comfy undies line! I do love their ladies socks though, super comfy no shows that I can wear with any shoes! They have lots of sock options for kids too including matching up to mama or papa’s socks!

Their products are breathable with super comfy fabric and their undaaaroo’s are form fitting and made with a special microfibre making it quick to dry and flat stitch so soft to the touch. Their products are great for athletes and those seeking comfort which working out, hard at work, and hardly working, great for gifting to others or yourself too! Want a fun idea? How about getting your groomsmen matching socks that show for photos on your wedding day!

Free shipping for online orders over $50 to the US only or find them in stores. Order here;

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