OVO Lifestyles 


Parents put your children to bed, we have a naughty little review on the blog today! OVO is a company I heard about after reviewing for a few of the ‘spicer’ subscription boxes and just had to reach out to them to try out some of their products. Perhaps not my usual, but I’m pretty comfortable with my sexuality and open to trying new things, like we all should be. So why the hell not, let’s see what we got! 

  1. G-Spot Vibrator – holy fuck ladies… excuse my language, but seriously, are you looking for your go to vibe? This is absolutely a must in your bedside drawer. Screw those $20 pieces of garbage that take batteries, this bad boy will keep you satisfied for many years to cum…. see what I did there? 
  2. Layon S1 – this little thing is sleek and discreet! I must say, my favourite thing about these are the charger. It’s the easiest to charge compared to other rechargeable products. Plus it’s showerproof! Whaaa?! 
  3. LoveBalls – now these are new to me, I had to do a quick read up so I knew what in the heck they were! Waterproof and inaudible makes them quite convenient! 

They have tons of products to choose from so what tickles your fancy? Perhaps a ring? Fellas these are for you and don’t knock it till ya try it! They also have mini-vibes, rabbits, bullets, the list goes on! So ladies? Enjoy! Order here;


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