Snooze Box


Have trouble sleeping? Want to relax and fall asleep with ease? Snooze Box is a brand new monthly subscription that send you products to help you catch those much needed zzz’s each and every night. Insomnia keeping you up at night? Let the Snooze box send you herbs, supplements, essential oils and natural sleep remedies and promoters. With different natural sleep aids each month your body won’t get a chance to rely on one remedy. You might see vitamins and minerals that help promote a healthy sleep. Herbs that help alleviate stress and anxiety. Teas, bath products, oils and lotions, and so much more! In this box;

  1. Melatonin – I’m sure we all know this one of for your sleep hormone as it controls your sleep and wake hormone. Seasonal depression or jet leg? Try this stuff!
  2. Valerian Tincture by Prestante Strega – the perfect sleep aid but also good for anxiety which I have often. A perfect remedy for sleep disorders and insomnia.
  3. Moon Tea Co. tea – a yummy relax and renew tea with chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, organic of course.
  4. SandyLand Studio Bath salts – a soothing chamomile infused soak to relax those muscles before bed.
  5. Brandy’s Bedtime Lotion – made with essential oils like chamomile and lavender to help relax you.

As little as $29.97 a month with free shipping in the US. Order here;

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