WEvolveBox – Tibet Box



WEvolve is a subscription for those looking for a spiritual experience. I like this box a lot, it makes me want to meditate, to find some zen in my life, to stop and just enjoy the quiet life around me which we all need to take some time and just breathe and embrace the beauties around us. I was actually quite impressed with the quality of the items, it reminded me of this awesome little store here in Vancouver called Banyen Books. I always walk in and want to smell the incense, test out the singing bowls, and gawk at the chimes, prayer beads and crystals. This box was like walking right into that store, I finally have a chance to indulge in these items I’ve always wanted to try which is exciting! In their boxes you can expect to find 4-7 items, they could include meditation tools like this months singing bowl, figures like Ganesha, Buddha and other divine beings, natural body products, incense, crystals, etc. In this box

  1. Singing Bowl w/ striker & pillow – I’ve seen these many times, and once took a yoga class where she walked around with one. It’s been said that the vibrations from the bowl produce feelings of relaxation so is a perfect meditation tool putting your mind and soul at ease.
  2. Green Tara Incense – I started to really love incense when I travelled to SouthEast Asia, going into beautiful temples with incense surrounding every entrance, I fell for it! I use incense in my apartment now once in awhile, it’s relaxing and takes me back every time. Green Tara is the mother of liberation, and protects from greed, hatred and delusions.
  3. Yak Bone Mala prayer beads – Prayer beads are used to count mantras or affirmations (108), used as a form meditation. These are made of Yak bone, the whole body is used, including the bone for spiritual objects, free of karma, meant to be a reminder of the impermanence of life. They are actually really pretty, I’ll have to have a meditation spot in my place at some point as I’m starting to get a good collection going now!
  4. Prayer Flag – The flags are meant to represent the elements, yellow-earth, green–water, red-fire, white-air and blue-space. Prayer flags are holy, and have sacred symbols and texts, not to be disrespected, they are never to be thrown out, but burnt to carry their blessings to the heavens.
  5. Stupa Art Card – A stupa is a structure used as a place of meditation.

They are supporters of fair-trade/labor which is important. Check out their previous boxes still available or buy stuff individually in the store. You can find their zen garden, smudge bundle, or sign up for a subscription starting at $47.95 so order here;



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