PetGiftBox – DogforDog box



This box hits home as I actually work with dogs. My full time job is working for Animal Services up in Canada, we get some of the sweetest dogs in our shelter and my goal is to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage people to adopt and don’t shop. PetGiftBox is a subscription box for your pet! Dog, cat, small, large, old, young, doesn’t matter! They even have monthly themes! Looks like they had a fun one for the SuperBowl, and this month is featuring Dog for Dog who believes that every dog deserves to be fed nutritious and great tasting food. For every petgiftbox purchased they will donate 5 meals to dogs in need, for any of their products purchased they donate an equal amount of food, pound for pound. Their products are all natural and wheat free. Sign up for their newsletter for $5 towards your order!

In this box;

  1. Plush puppy – as you can see in the video my dogs loved this! Just hoping they don’t destroy it to get the squeeker!
  2. Crinkle paw – they were ever so curious about this one!
  3. Stuff-a-ball treat toy – these are great to keep your dogs nose in joint, keep em guessing with a little sniffing and working away to get the treats inside.
  4. DOGSBAR peanut butter – perfect for a hike or day trip snack!
  5. DOGSTREAT mini-duck – they had a few of these last night and loved them!

The boxes start at $18.99 a box with 4-6 treats and toys. The value of this box is $34.99 but really it’s priceless since the benefits far outweigh the cost. PetGiftBox supports America’s Vet Dogs, providing assistance to veterans with disabilities. Order today to support the dogs and use code Subscriptionboxgirl to get 50% off your 1st box!!!


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