Pioneer Pet


Callie cat was so excited to get this package! She was literally hovering over our shoulders while we opened it, she knew this one was for her! Her happiness and health are important to us so we’ve been looking for ways to keep her happy.

First off we were looking for a new water dish. The one we had before was too tiny and we wanted Callie to have fresh filtered water. I picked out the RainDrop water fountain when I saw it circulates the water and uses a charcoal filter to ensures the water is kept pure and clean, plus the stainless steel is easy to clean and helps prevent bacterial infections. She was super curious when she heard the faint noise of water, she clearly loves it and even plays with it.

Next I was looking for a new food dish, we have a little one that she likes to eat from and she’s a pretty good patient eater but not really with treats so we got the Tiger Diner ceramic bowl. It was perfect for her as I drop in a couple treats, she hears the noise of them hitting the dish and runs over. It’s a challenge for her which I love, she has to use her nose and paws to work for her treats, like a little hunt to find where each treat is in the dish, plus she looks adorable while doing it. It’s great because she’s able to pace herself as well while being physically and mentally stimulated.

Lastly we wanted something for her to enjoy, she love love lovers her scratchers and perches so we went with a new corner scratcher, perfect for a nice stretch and fills our corner space perfectly while giving her a private little hiding spot.

They have lots of other amazing products like their clumping kitty litter, it’s a SmartCat all natural litter made with 100% USA farmed grasses, it’s biodegradable and super easy to use! Check out their online store with tons of other great products to choose from including fountains, feeders, scratchers, litter, toys and sticky paws for furniture! Order here;

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