USKEYVISION – Smartphone Gimbal-iSteady Mobile Plus


I can’t believe I’ve been SubscriptionBoxGirl for over 3 years and still don’t have a gimbals! Well the wait is over. Finally buckled down and found a way to get better photos and videos with my new Smartphone Gimbal-iSteady Mobile Plus from USKEYVISION. I found this company on Instagram and checked out their site and Amazon reviews. It was super quick and simple to order and the best part was the value! There are so many gimbals on the market, but I was looking for one that was simply and easy to use while not costing an arm and a leg. This one was only $90 and is perfect for the amateur or pro! The first step was downloading the app and it’s super easy to use. Great functionality and stability, I would definitely suggest this product and their Go Pro version if you are wanting to step up your game on photography and videography.

I really like having this product for my phone since I use it all the time. It has a 3-Axis Stabilizer for both Androids and iOS Smartphones and has Anti-Shake, Optical Stabilization and Motion Speed Auto-Adaptation, Face & Object Tracking and 3 High-Torque Brushless Motors, There is a trigger Button for Sports Mode, 3D Fantasy Mode (Inception Mode) and you can even get some great 180/360° Wide-angle Panoramic shots! All you have to do is quickly calibrate, get the app, and enjoy! 

Your order includes a 1 year warranty as well as free return & exchange services within 60 days and free technical assistance. Find out more below and order here;

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