Locality is a new fav subscription box of mine, made by 2 passionate girls who have a fond love for the Okanagan and supporting their locals. Bringing you seasonally curated boxes each month full of local, gourmet, artisan made products. A chance to introduce you to small businesses that you likely would not know about in the great Okanagan! I’m a huge fan of the OK and head up there a few times every year, from Osoyoos to Kelowna and a little in between, I’ve been to the farmers markets and they are some of my favs in the country with so many amazing local made products. Each month you can expect 5-7 items, perhaps you’ll get some home decor, jewelry, treats and sweets, stationary, body products, either way I’m sure you’ll love it! So let them do the running around to the farmers markets and local businesses and you just relax and enjoy the special finds of the month while supporting your locals! In this box;

  1. OM Naturale Bath Bliss Bath Salts – I cracked this open right away and indulged in a nice relaxing bath. Love calendula! Not to mention the salts are infused with essential oils – ohhh how fancy!
  2. Chaibaba Lavender Lady Grey – Mmmm another thing I love is lavender, there was some in the bath salt and some in the tea as well! Love it! This is a loose leaf tea (those are obviously the best!) that is organically grown and supports the locals!

  3. Lavender & Grace Custom LOCALITY Earrings – Super cute and large gold circle stud earrings, classic and customizable! There is a little loop in the back that allows you to add a tassle, feather or chain to create the perfect look!

  4. Okanagan Candle Co. Custom LOCALITY Fall Candle – Okay… seriously… this candle smells SOOOOO amazing! I’m in love! I wasn’t expecting a candle named FALL to smell so delicious… it reminded me of fall desserts like warm pecan pie or creme brulee. DROOOOOL – reminder, don’t eat the candle! Lol. These are handcrafted soy candles, and fun fact, the creater doesn’t share the secrets of the candle, so leave it up to your nose to find out what that scent is!

  5. Dry Hair Oil – super lightweight for the hydration your hair is screaming for. Full of marshmallow (mmmmm my fav) and nettle extracts,as well as argan, coconut, avocado and olive oil. Full of nutrients and vitamins to have happy and healthy hair.

  6. Epic Blend Coconut Coffee Scrub – Mmmm smelling amazing is this ground arabica coffee bean scrub that will leave your legs and body thanking you! Also perfect for me to prep my sad legs for Mexico!

  7. The Market Bags Reusable Produce Bags – Love these reusable eco-friendly raw hemp bags, they are great for grabbing a bag of apples, perfect for holding my lunch and partial proceeds are even donated to Mamas for Mamas which is a local charity for moms to help families get access to fresh produce.

Order your quarterly subscription for only $89.00 a month which is pretty great considering this box is worth $120! Canada only, free local shipping for $15 otherwise! Order here;


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