Fed Meal Club


Looking for fresh and healthy, ready to eat meals delivered straight to your home or work? Fed Meal Club is a fun new company delivering dietitian-curated meals to you so you can focus on other stuff. They are pretty much your personal chef, taking the hassel of being creative with your meals. Just choose between their flex plan that includes as many meals as you want from their full nutrition menu, or build your own meal. Or their specialized plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner every work day, including support by a registered dietitian. The flex plan is $13.99 per meal with delivery to Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster for $2.99 or delivery to North and West Vancouver for $4.99. Or jump for a specialized plan with quite a few options including nutrition, diabetes, slim or keto. Counting carbs? Paleo? Gluten free? Ketogenic? Vegan? Trying to build muscle? Their chefs use wholesome, healthy, and delicious ingredients that will support any diet that your on. There are so many amazing meals too, breakfast items like frittata’s, overnight oats and crepes, lunch items like roast beef sandwiches, veggie wraps and burrito bowls, and dinner items like  quinoa salad with meatballs or seafood paella. I chose last Friday as my test day and they sent me;

  1. Breakfast – Breakfast sandwich with sun dried tomato tapinade served with fresh seasonal fruit – this was delicious and came with yogurt as well for the fruit which was melon and plum, yum! Looooved the sun dried tomato tapinade, it was delicious!
  2. Lunch – Fish tacos with avocado crema – so hearty! I wasn’t expecting to get so full from a couple fish tacos but they hit the spot perfectly!
  3. Dinner – Orzo salad with black beans, corn, peppers, grilled chicken & feta – that feta was sooo yummy and the perfect touch on this delicious salad, I love orzo salad!

I would 100% order from them again. Not only was customizing and selecting menu items a breeze, but they take the work out for you. Not having to find a recipe that works, create an insane ingredient list, go to the grocery store and find all the items, try and recreate the recipe, meal prep is tough and takes a lot of time. Why not just leave it to the professionals! Check out their site to see what they’ve got on the menu. With chicken, fish, red meat, prawns, salads, breakfast, sides, entrees and desserts, you don’t have to lift a finger! They even use recyclable packaging that you can return to your delivery driver next time! Starting at just $10.60 per meal that beats me having to grocery shop then cook up a storm for myself! Order here;


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