Craft Brewmaster Dinner Series


Who else loves Craft? That awesome and historical salt building in the heart of Vancouver is a fav local hangout of mine. Not only do they have a great local after work happy hour hangout, but a massive beer on tap selection and some delicious food items like their sushi burger! I love how my fav hangouts always seem to have the best events! This week we had the chance of attending another Brewmaster’s Dinner. Here’s what we had;

  1. Hippie Toast with Berline Weisse
  2. Granola for ‘brinner’ with Cream Ale
  3. Roasted Tomato Frittata with Homeward Bound Hazy Pale Ale
  4. Surf & Turf with Northeast IPA
  5. Beignet with Venture Fruit Sour

Overall the experience seemed very intimate but also social. We got comfortable and met our neighbours sitting at the long tables and it was really enjoyable! There was more than enough beer to go around, we even shared our leftovers. I’m used to attending all included dinners where I’d love another half glass of my favorite, but this event had more than enough for everyone! The food was amazing, it was such a fun breakfast for dinner theme. Seating, layout, atmosphere, I thought it was great. It was private enough to make you feel special, but open enough to move around to chat, explore the Salt building and meet some people. Very much looking forward to see their future Brewmaster’s events and subsequent pairings!

Check out next months Brewmaster dinner with Moody Ales! A fav of mine! Also check out their St.Patties event. Be sure to visit their location on 85 West 1st Ave, Vancouver too and see how they are actively supporting their locals and staying sustainable! Get your next events tickets here;

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