Food Trip To! – Thailand


Bienvenue à FoodTripTo! Here we have Thailand!

I was so excited to see the words Thailand on this box. Lately I have been daydreaming about a trip I took to Southeast Asia 8 years ago, and Thailand has some of my favorite, most memorable part of the trip. The amazing food on Koh San Road, the drool worthy Pad Thai, learning a new favorite of mine was Thai Curry Fried Rice, my first day in Thailand trying Thai Tea for the first time… so many amazing memories, and so many of them from outstanding culinary experiences.

This subscription box is great for those who love to travel or cook! Each box will be specific to a new country around the world, immerse yourself in their culture with the help of these guys! This box contained 8 food products and 4 recipes so you can experience true Thai cuisine from your own home! You’ll also find a playlist to listen in on what the locals create, as well as a cultural sheet to learn more about that months destination. In this box;

  1. Tom Yum Spice Paste – ohhhh one of my top 3 fav Thai dishes, this Paste makes making Tom yum soup quick and easy!
  2. Rice Sticks – for your pad Thai of course!
  3. Pad Thai Paste – hard to find all those 10+ ingredients for a traditional pad Thai, so this Paste is perfect!
  4. Thai Tea – the first thing I tried when I landed in Thailand was this tea, I am so happy the lady suggested it to me, mmmm so good with evaporated milk!
  5. Gai Yang Spices – I have never tried this before… at least not that I can recall!
  6. Tapioca Pearls – not usually a fan of eating little pearls but I like tapioca! It’s the only exception!
  7. Dried Coconut – mmm cocococonut!
  8. Kanom Dok Jok – fried Thai cookies, never tried these either mmm they have a hint of coconut flavour!

Order your box today, and use code Friend5 for $5 off your box! They ship to Canada and the US for only $42 a month with a free gift in every third box. You can order a box from a past country if you missed one, and the boxes range in price depending on the origin starting at $39.90 and up. I want the ones from Argentina and Martinique!!! You can also order some leftover items in their shop from past boxes, like spices, sauces and accessories. So if you loved that satay spice, perhaps you can order more! I love that 10% of the purchase of a box went to Oxfam-Quebec which helps fight poverty, inequality, and injustice around the world. They ship a box every second month, and next up we have Spain! Order here;

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