Avid Dresser


Perhaps a new fav of mine? If you can grasp the jist of my style thru a basic questionnaire? Then yes, Avid Dresser is for sure a new fav. I am head over heels in love with this new subscription aimed at bringing fun new dresses to ladies everywhere! Tired of your current selection of dresses? Need a new summer dress? LBD? Cocktail dress? Something to catch the eye of your new beau or crush? You can’t go wrong here then. They start you off with a pretty basic questionnaire, not too long, not too short, just enough questions on size and preference of style and colours to ensure you are satisfied with their selection. They also have you go thru a few photos of ‘would u wear this?’. I was honest and what came to my door step couldn’t have been more fabulous! What did I get?

  1. A scandalous pink/red bodycon peplum dress – to be honest, I would never pick this dress up in a store. I don’t gravitate towards this style, colour or level of lack of modesty. But after trying this dress on I was honestly blown away. It was the perfect fit (how did they do that?!), I absolutely love the bold colour, and the style actually is super cute! A little more cleavage then I’m used to but if you got it why not flaunt it right?! Sleeveless halter bodycon peplum dress with soft sheer mesh accent on the front and back. Slit open back with buttons to secure.
  2. A beige high low dress – I pulled this out and right away loved the style and colour but was concerned about the size as it looked too big but it actually fit nicely, the bigger size made it easier to cover up the areas I am self conscious about, and the short in front and long in the back is something I looooove! Made with rayon jersey knit fabric.

This is a subscription I would 100% suggest to all the ladies out there looking to expand their closet. Only $49.99 for 2 new dresses a month, that’s only $25 a dress, with free shipping you are saving a ton, and your time trying on all those ordinary dresses in store. Not to mention these dresses are worth $40 each! Not happy with a dress? Simply return it with ease! You can also purchase a dress from their online store! Try something new today and subscribe here;


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