Gomae Meal Prep

Yessss, I am seriously loving all the amazing local companies opening up in Vancouver providing quick and easy meals to everyone trying to eat healthy without having to deal with the dreaded Sunday meal prep. Fear no more Vancouverites, Gomae (pronounced ‘go-may’ like gourmet on the go! Love it!) is here and bringing you locally made, guilt-free, plant based meals that not only taste delicious but look amazing! Let them do the work of picking a delicious tasting meal, grocery shopping, cooking and simply enjoy! Their meals come in zero waste containers to ensure they are reducing their impact on the environment and they use reusable ice packs, containers and adorable cute tote sealable bags. They are truly doing quite a few things for the environment which I’m happy about and one of the reasons I reached out to them when I saw Erin Ireland showing them some love one day. I love that their meals are such healthy, but still taste amazing, plus they are locally made for Vancouver food experts! Now for the food!
  1. Bombay Wrap – okay seriously… I would say this is one of the best wraps, and the dip? Seriously drool worthy… I can’t believe how delicious this was! Recipe please! I would make this for myself if it’s easy to do!
  2. Nutty Thai Soup – such a yummy hearty soup, that’s something I noticed is that all the meals filled me up so much I didn’t have any cravings for sweets after lunch like I usually do.
  3. Genki Bento Box – such amazing presentation, it was pretty to look at and yummy to eat! Quinoa, kimchi… yes please! 
  4. Jackfruit Taco Bowl – mmm my second favourite for sure, it was jam packed and every bite was amazing. Seriously such a hearty salad, the jackfruit tasted amazing too.

Just go online, choose your meals and Monday they’ll be delivered! Don’t worry about all that grocery shopping and meal prep, eating the same thing every day for lunch. Yawn, so boring. No more leftovers for lunch for days, instead you’ll get new and exciting recipes every week. Check out the upcoming menu to be tempted! Looks like they have a macro bowl, a chunky smoked tofu salad, spinach veggie wrap, hearty veg bowl, black bean bowl, falafel salad, cauliflower kasum salad, African stew and rice bowl, and a sweet potato soul pie.

Only $43.99 for 4 meals a week with a delivery fee of $5. They’ll deliver on Monday and give you a 30min window of when they’ll deliver too. Use code subscriptionboxgirl for $20 off your first order too! Order here!

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