Just Us Box – Indian Summer



Children go to bed. Okay! Loving this date box from the Just Us crew. A little sexy and a little fun! We could all use a little encouraging to try new things, experiment, and speak up about what we want. Never waste your time with someone who isn’t interested in satisfying you how you want them to, because trust me, it won’t last. Last months theme was Indian Summer and oh so fun! Each themed month you can expect 4-6 items to bring you and your loooova closer! Not to mention a ton of challenges and activities to help you reconnect on another level.

In this box;

  1. Kama Sutra the game of love – So happy to finally get something fun like this! I’m not shy so am very excited to try this out. It’s full of sexy suggestions and positions, everything you would expect from a Kama Sutra game.
  2. Mehndi Kit – Love this black ink mehndi art kit, fun to try something like this out on your lover! Comes with some free stencils.
  3. Incense Cones – 10 pack of incense cones for meditation
  4. Cone holder – very cool looking holder for the incense
  5. Scarf – or is this a blindfold? I’ll assume the latter 😉
  6. Chameleon colour – every heard of those colour runs? Well this is what you’d use! Fun! Could make for a fun night with ur lova!
  7. Twinings Bollywood Chai Latté – I know I should have saved these for date night but I just couldn’t help myself! Yum!

This box is from the UK starting at £25 which is $32.50 US, free shipping in the UK! You also have the option of trying a trial box with 2-3 item for only £18. They sell out fast so get on it and order here;



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