GlobeIn – Amore Box

Here we have the GlobeIn subscription box, which brings you beautifully handmade and ethically produced artisan products. Each month they have a new theme that brings together the items in a collective way. Each month they’ll carefully curate a box with 4-5 unique items from around the world. It’s like traveling to multiple countries to experience their local market. From a hand woven basket made in Mexico to spices imported from South Africa, a wooden platter from Thailand, to a ceramic masterpiece in Morocco. This company aims to bring you handmade artisan products from around the world, straight to your door, such an amazing idea, giving you the chance to see a little of everything that’s made all over. They have partners all over the world, working with over 50 countries, investing over 2 million in these artisans, creating jobs and opportunities. Working with people in rural, marginalized and developing countries while being mindful and sustainable along the way.
They even give you the option to choose a portion of your box so your getting exactly what you want. Not looking for a surprise? Be sure to check out their pre-made artisan boxes in their online shop, ready to pick and choose for yourself, or perfect as a gift for friends or family. The hardest part is choosing 1 box, I literally wanted every single one of them, they have some great photography on their site which shows how amazing these boxes are with full descriptions so you know exactly what your getting. Choose from 13+ boxes like the Snug box which includes items that are comfy and cozy like a tuque and fuzzy eye mask and coffee mugs with some yummy tea. The spa box which includes items like bubble bath and candles. The refresh box which includes a sun hat, blanket and gorgeous tea glass that would be great for enjoying a glass of cold lemonade while sunbathing. They also have tons more items in their online show. In the Amore Box;
  1. Personal Pizza Board from Thailand – Perfect as a serving dish for an individual pizza.
  2. Marinara Sauce Spoon from Morocco – Gorgeous spoon, wow, you could even use it as a utensil holder for placing cooking tools on.
  3. Cape Garden Herbs Spice Grinder from South Africa – Lovely combo of some of my favorite spices, mmm rosemary!
  4. Palm Leaf Tortillero Flatbread Basket from Mexico – Never had a basket like this before, it’s great to hold tortilla’s, taco shells, naan, pita and any breads.
  5. Bicycle Pizza Cutter from India – Super cute way to cut your pizza up! Never seen this before!

Be sure to check out their online store as they have a ton of options to choose from. From a monthly subscription, their artisan pre-made boxes, mystery boxes and individual products. Soooo many items to choose from, like glassware, jewelry, kitchen utensils, bath & body products, tea and coffee and pretty much an endless supply of items, likely from past boxes. Be sure to use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL20 for 20% off your order. Free shipping in the US for orders over $50. Order here;

Artisan Boxes


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