Bijoux Box – September



Very excited for my third Bijoux box! I’ve been wearing the past 2 boxes of jewelry pretty religiously now! Bijoux is a monthly jewelry subscription so you can add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit each day, nothing better than a little bling bling! Their jewelry is trendy, cute and fashionable! Each month you can expect 3 pieces of jewelry, potentially a necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch, collar, headband, who knows! Also comes with a little styling guide on how to wear the item, or check out their Pinterest page to see some outfit ideas with your pieces. In this box;

1. Zoe Byzantine pendant – this is a stunning statement piece that will look great with a solid colour like a white shirt or black dress!

2. Laurel Jacket earrings – pop of colour with these long earrings, plus you can interchange them to be just studs as well! Ummmm hello? Never knew this was possible!

3. Zoe Cocktail ring – happy that this ring fits me perfectly and is a great little sparkle of burgundy and crushed crystal!

4. Bonus – Deepa Gurnani pony holder – this is a super cute piece to add to a high bun or pony! Great way to dress up a casual outfit like jeans and tee!

Loving some of the items from the past boxes like the red watch and headbands! Cute! Your first month will come with a bonus with code Welcome too! These boxes run at over $100 so your getting a deal as they only start at $32 a month with free shipping to the US. Order here;

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