Clean Blend Blenders



Cooks! Attention! Loving my new CleanBlend Blender, this thing is powerful! Perfect for making smoothies, almond butter, soups and more, they even post recipes which look delicious. With 3 horsepower this blender is comparable to the Vitamix! This blender was actually made to be affordable so everyone can eat well as other commercial style blenders on the market are quite pricey! CleanBlend is awesome, it can mix, chop, puree and liquefy vitamins, grains, baby food, ice cream, fruits and veggies, ice and more. Apparently ‘The blade was designed and made in Japan by artisan cutlery experts and the power to blade is stronger than an other on the market.’ Some notes on the blender;

  • Efficient 3 horsepower motor
  • Oversized, virtually unbreakable 64-ounce BPA Free container
  • Stainless steel enclosed blade assembly with sealed ball bearing
  • Includes tamper wand for extreme processing power
  • Metal-to-metal driver
  • 5 Year Warranty Included

You can order yours for only $179.99 with free shipping online (regular $499.99);



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