New England’s Finest


Want to go on an adventure to New England and experience the very best they have to offer? The New England’s Finest box is the one for you then! Loving this ‘sweets & treats’ box they sent over, with all the sweet yummy delectable treats straight from NE! Each month you’ll get a box of 4-6 high quality, artisan products from the northeast, perhaps from the White Mountains, or the Cape, or a town you’ve never heard of! In this box;

  1. Road Trip Food Company’s Vermont Fudge Sauce Classic – Mmm a super rich fudge, comes in mint and regular.
  2. Coastal Maine Popcorn Company’s Maine Maple Popcorn – A massive bag of delicious maple popcorn, perfect for date night!
  3. CB Stuffer’s Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt Peanut Butter Cup – A massive peanut butter cup, plus caramel and a hint of salt, can’t go wrong and sharing size too (or keep for yourself!).
  4. Big Picture Farm’s Goat Milk Sea Salt & Vanilla Caramels – Mmmm I’ve had a multi pack of these caramels before and they are just amazing, melt in your mouth. DROOL.
  5. Taza Chocolate’s Espresso Buzz Amaze Bar – 70% dark chocolate bar, great with a nice glass of dark red wine, packed with that espresso punch.
  6. Lucy’s Granola’s Granola Coated Toffee – Granola, toffee and dark chocolate, and so good! I’m a big toffee bar fan so loved this!

Starting at only $39 a box with a year subscription and free shipping. Plus you can purchase a past box for $49, like the BBQ of or Guys box! Use code boxgirl for 10% your order as well! Order here;


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