Glory Juice Co.


Juice it up baby! I’ve always been a big fan of those fancy juices, but don’t have the time or patience to make my own. Tried to juice myself some carrot juice just last week and it turned out pretty awful. Whenever I get the chance on my lunch breaks I like to walk over to Glory Juice Co. near my office to grab a warm or cold bowl, a healthy and delicious tasting juice or smoothie and some little extras! I first started visiting them a couple years ago to try their organic cold-pressed juice and fell hard! I love trying all the different flavors and learning about the benefits of each one, packed with nutritious ingredients. This week I went in to try their food items. I had always been curious but have just always opted for the drinks. I tried the Cauliflower + Chickpea bowl and holy moly was it ever filling. I only finished about half of the bowl for lunch as I was stuffed! The combo of the quinoa, chickpeas and delicious dressing, drool! I loved the spirulina hummus, pickled onions and cashew garlic dressing, it was the perfect touch, I would def order again!

Looking for something else to nibble on? They have a few other bowls like the Warm & Hearty, Glorious Slaw, a few different toast dishes like my fav avocado toast, tons of salad options including my favorite the Slaw salad with turmeric ginger vinaigrette, and they even have healthy yummy soups! The soups come in the same beverage container so perfect to bring back to the office and heat up. They also have a few different cleanses to choose from! My fav part is all the different juices. I love going in the store and seeing the rainbow of colour and options to choose from. My fav is how they can help you choose a juice based on how your feeling and what you feel you need to improve that day. Feeling hungover? Low on energy? There’s a suggested juice for that! Need a protein boost? How about something super hydrating? Some favs of mine are the #14 with Pears, cucumber, fennel, spinach, mint, and more, which is good for digestion, hydration, and energizing! Another fav is the Golden Turmeric Mylk which helps the immune and digestive system! Can’t forget the Magic Switchel with Blue Majik the blue-green algae.

Visit one of their 5 locations scattered around Vancouver or find out more here including where else you can find them, I went to visit their E 2nd Ave location!


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