Art Gallery in a Box


Want to take a trip to the art gallery without leaving your couch! Love supporting your local artist? Art Gallery in a Box is just that! They bring you artisan handcrafted items made by local American artists and creators. Each box has 3+ unique works of art, handcrafted items, decorations, prints, sculptures, pottery, and even soaps and candles! You will also have a leaflet that shares the stories of the featured artists and makers. I love that your supporting all these artists who are doing what they love! Support their passion! In this box;

  1. Greetings Cards & Notebook by Obvious State
  2. Ornaments by Collin Garrity
  3. Abstract Art by Amy Lighthall
  4. Flying Pig Tote by Eric & Christopher
  5. Be Kind Button by David Gerbstadt

This is a quarterly subscription for only $40 a box. Use code sbgirl10 for $10 off a 1 year subscription! Order here;

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