Faucet Face



Water! We are all made of it and we all need it! Faucet Face is here to my rescue! I’m one of those who doesn’t like the taste of water and need to be constantly reminded to drink water, weird I know but true. What helps me drink water? Faucet Face uses glass bottles which maintain the taste of the water protecting it from harmful plastics. Why glass over plastic? Plastic leaches chemicals, fills landfills (2.5 million plastic bottles per hour!!!)

Not only are they helping me get the water I need, but with the 1 for 100 program they donate 2.5% of sales of their hose water, tap is terrific and hummingbird feeder bottles and a BioSand Water filter for 5 or more individual bottles to a clean drinking water charity called the Third Millennium Awakening. This filter traps sediment, pathogens and impurities providing clean drinking water to those most in need that would otherwise be drinking dirty bacteria filled brown water.

Only $12 a bottle, or 10% off if you order the 3 originals. They also have an option to make custom bottles which is great for companies to promote their business. Plus you get free shipping when you order 3+ bottles. Order here;


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