You know what I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with recently? PenPaling! I haven’t had a PenPal in about 15 years and now all of a sudden I have 5! Perfect addition to my latest craze? DeskFixx! Satisfying my fix for stationary galore! Washi tape, note pads, planners, pens, post-its…. I love it all! Working a 9-5 job I get bored using our yellow post it’s, our black pens, groan. I want to express myself with pink and purples! I want bright colours to keep my mood up to last the day! DeskFixx let’s you spruce up your boring cubicle or home office with new and exciting stationary and office supply items! What’s in this box;

  1. Notepad – super cute zebra notepad
  2. Notebook – loving this strawberry book, funny as I already had one!
  3. Post it’s – fluorescent yellow and purple shoes, haha so random
  4. Washi tape – I realized I lost the only other one I had and need some for my up and coming letters going out! 
  5. Clips – not your regular paper clips
  6. Eraser – musssstard yellow
  7. Cards – perfect for penpaling, will write on the back of these! 
  8. Pens, pencils and highlighter – that lollipop is a pen! Never knew until a second glance! 

They have a few different subscription options. The DeskFixx regular subscription has 10+ items for $29.99 a month. They DeskFixx Mini has 5+ items for $15.99. They also have the same two options but for DeskFixxKids! Lastly and sooo awesome. They have a business subscription for all your company needs! There is the Basic Plan: 6 large legal pads, 6 small legal pads, dozen pens, dozen pencils, 6 post-it note pads, 6 highlighters, 6 correction tapes, box of staples, 4 boxes of paperclips, and 3 tape refills for only $44.99 and the same but higher quality items in the Luxe plan for $69.99. They also have a Summer Special of only $10 for your first month & free shipping! Don’t forget to check out their online store! Order here;

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