Green Spa Box


Need to get away for the night? How about a night in with a relaxing at home spa kit. The Green Spa Box reminds you to at least once a month set some time aside for yourself. Start a bath, grab a glass of wine, light a candle and just relax. This box was a reminder to myself to just take it easy and focus on breathing and calming down after a stressful work week. This box is all about nourishing and taking care of your body. Because if you don’t feel good, how are you supposed to attack the day ahead of you, how can you tackle work, family and friends without feeling good from within! Each month you’ll get 5 carefully selected products like skin, bath & body products, candles and other fun stuff. Here we have the Spring Collection for March which has some key ingredients like grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, orange and ginger. In this box;

1 Candle – A spa candle with a lemongrass scent to transport you to the spa

2 Bath bomb fizzers – orange and ginger for a boost of energy and to get silky smooth skin.

3 Body Butter – such a thick consistency which I loved, my body thanked me for the moisturizer after a long day with the scent of lavender and citrus.

4 Bath salt – made with essential oils to relax your whole body, there were dried rose petals of some sort in here that were super pretty too.

5 Reusable zip bag – super cute for a makeup bag

Love how this company is cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free and sulfate free. No use for all that nonsense in products you use on your body. Only $14.95 a month but worth $25+. Use code BOXGIRL10 for 10% off your First Month Subscription! Order here;

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