Powered Geek Box – June Box



Check out this complete geek box by Powered Geek! Some fun goodies in this box for the obsessed fan in your life. They collaborate with DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars and more to find you the best hard to find items. You can expect to find a t-shirt, comics, action figures, gear and gadgets, who knows what else! Obsessed a little over some of the past boxes, little of everything in them; Ninja Turtles, Batman, Walking Dead, Star Wars, MineCraft, AntMan, GOT, Pokemon, Harley Quinn (loooove this) and more! I’m sure this would be a hit selling at Comic Con! I actually ran into a few of the Game of Thrones cast last year in San Diego during Comic Con….. I was so star struck! Oh and are you obsessed with Funko collectors? Looooove that they put them in the box, this is my first one, checked out some other collections and I might be obsessed! In this box;

  1. T-Shirt – Trek yourself before you wreck yourself, haha love it.
  2. Collector Funko vinyl figure Ghost Busters Slimer – loving these, I want to collect the Game of Thrones ones!!!! Collector items are so dangerous, I used to collect silly things but these are great, looked up some pictures of collectors walls full of them, and geez, people get really into this stuff!
  3. Marvel SpiderMan action figure – this guy is fun sized, Westy will love him!
  4. Mymoji ghostbuster Funko pack – ok I looked these up too, and I love the minis, more specifically the Disney villains and Disney princesses!
  5. Pez – cool SuperWoman pez!
  6. Pins – Robin and Tom & Jerry
  7. DC Comics notepad – all the very best here!

You have 2 options, the deluxe box has 4-6 items for $16.95 and the premium has 6-9 for $25.45 plus get an extra 10% off using code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL. Order here;



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