ReVibe Box



Prepare to relax, prepare for zen, loving this box and check out that necklace! It’s real honeycomb! Let ReVibe help distress you and take you into a me-zone to recharge your batteries. You can expect to find 5-7 natural, handmade, cruelty free items that are worth over $60, items like soaps, candles, jewelry, home items like plants and mugs, notebooks, bathroom items, etc. This box is worth over $86! Good deal! Each month is a different theme as well, this month is BEEEE yourself! In this box;

  1. ScumSoaps – 2 bars of the Honey Almond soap – I really like these, cute packaging too!
  2. SugarBeeOrganics – a moutain main bath bomb
  3. AbsintheArts – this real raw honeycomb necklace is so cool, never seen something like it, will it attract the bumblebees to me? This bad boy is worth $50!
  4. LeaBeeNaturals – 2 decongesting shower steamers
  5. Arachnesdemise – raw honey & rose clay mask – very excited to pamper myself with this!

There are $20 or $39.95 boxes available for monthly or 1-time subscriptions, so go ahead, pamper yourself;


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