Raw Spice Bar – May’s Cambodia Spice Box



This subscription is great for those who love cooking and trying new recipes in the kitchen, without having to travel the world to find the spices yourself. With a new theme and recipes to follow each month you can’t go wrong, and incredibly affordable! You can expect to receive 3 freshly ground spice blends from a different region each month, key word is fresh ground, unlike the stuff in stores, loving how fragrant and colorful these spices are! Some past examples that I am SO jealous I missed out on are Istanbul with baharat, urfa pepper, and za’atar, a Malaysian box, an Ethiopian box with berbere and mitmita, a Norwegian box, the Egyptian box  looks cool, mmmm there’s saffron in the Afghan box, the Indo-Persian looks amazing with a curry recipe. I was excited to see my first box arrive with Cambodia as the theme. Cambodia was one of my favorite places to visit, I absolutely loved the people, they were the most helpful and sincere I met in South East Asia. Don’t mind me, but now I’ll be reminiscing about Sihanoukville, Serendipity Beach, I would have loved to live there during my travels, miss it dearly! I loved the food, and truly miss the Khmer style food like the Amok, so was happy to see I can make it myself now! In this box;

  1. KROEUNG SPICES with a recipe for CAMBODIAN FISH AMOK – yum, I’ve wanted amok since I left Cambodia!
  2. SAMBAL OELEK with a recipe for SAMBAL OELEK PASTE
  3. KAFFIR LIME BLEND with a recipe for MINI KAFFIR LIME TARTS – ermergerrrrd these sound so good! I love lemon or lime desserts and kaffir limes are hard to find!

Get your first box free when you sign up online and only $6 a month from there with free shipping in the USA and $4 for Canada or Internationally!




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