Tonttu Box



Like it says, best for mom, bumps and tots. Cute! Tonttu is a Finnish word and plays on the traditions to give a baby box filled with all the essentials a baby will need for the first year of life to new parents, including  toys, clothes, and books! There are boxes if you are a mommy for boys and girls up to 3 years or if your still expecting, perfect gift for a baby shower, or just to spoil that mama in your life. My sister is due with her 2nd baby in a few months so gave some of these items to her to enjoy with her little Westy and baby on the way!

  1. ZDough playdough – Westy and I played with the play dough today, handmade play dough is really the best, it’s so much squishier and fun to play with. And the smell? Caramel apple! Yum. I had to tell him not to eat it because it smelt so yummy
  2. Original Squeeze – My sis always feeds Westy squeeze packs so she’ll be using this on the daily with both him and the new baby. Before this I had never seen one of these, but it’s a fantastic idea and very useful since she likes to keep everything organic and yummy!
  3. Spongelle men’s super buffer – this smells soooo good, is it bad if I save it for myself? Jokes, I’d rather have my man smells this good! This are body wash infused buffers, never even heard of them before.
  4. Lo&behold ginger and blood orange lip balm – so smoooooth for velvety lips
  5. PUUR Blacksmitch witch hazel aftershave – I’m liking the smell of this, and this will likely be a first for my guy using this.

All the above company’s also offer some kickass deals for using their products in the future! I also like that they support local businesses and artists AND they encourage you to send any gently used pregnancy and baby clothes back to them in the box and they will send them to someone else in need! Karma at it’s finest! You can expect 5-7 products, this box is well over $45 and yet they only start at $35 a month with free shipping in the US and an additional 20% off with code MYHERODAD on your 1st box!


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