Bijoux Box – November Black Box


Ready to dazzle up your Christmas party outfits? The November Bijoux box is on point with that sultry black with sparkle going on, perfect for spicing up your holiday dress! Bijoux is a monthly jewelry subscription so you can add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit each day, nothing better than a little bling bling! Their jewelry is trendy, cute and fashionable! Each month you can expect 3 pieces of jewelry, potentially a necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch, collar, headband, who knows! Also comes with a little styling guide on how to wear the item, or check out their Pinterest page to see some outfit ideas with your pieces. In this box;
1. Noir Collar necklace – this is a great statement piece, subtle but sexy in black. Will go great with most colours over the holidays.

2. Exotic Leather Bangle – loving this bangle, don’t have many in my collection yet so am very excited about this one, love the print on it too!

3. Noir Jacket Earrings – I love how they keep sending earrings that can be worn in two ways, it’s super convenient if you want to dress up or down. You can wear these with or without the dangly sparkle piece which makes them so much more versatile!

4. Cocktail Hair Pin – super cute hair piece to add a little sparkle to your locks!

Your first month will come with a bonus with code Welcome too! These boxes run at over $100 so your getting a deal as they only start at $32 a month with free shipping to the US. Order here;

Your Bijoux Box

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