The Barrel Box


Oh this is so kickass! Looking for the perfect box for the craft beer or booze enthusiast in your life? The Barrel Box is absolutely perfect, always sending you awesome new and unique items, love scotch? Craft beer? Are you a wine connoisseur in the making? Look no further! Sending you bar accessories to try out, collectable items, clothing and memorabilia, recipes and more! In their past boxes they had some awesome must-haves like angostura bitters (needed in so many cocktails!), liquor spouts (these are actually incredibly useful) shot glasses and fancy craft beer glasses (which I collect!) and even a margarita dinner (so jealous… I need a 3-in-1 of these badly for my Caesar, margarita and sugar-rimmed sweet cocktails. I was pretty excited to finally try out this box and see what they had in store for me, in this one we got;

  1. Ginger Syrup Kit – ooooh how awesome is this? I’ve made flavoured vodka before but never a syrup! Finaaaaally! This little kit comes with everything you need to make your own ginger syrup. I already have so many ideas for what to put this in, so many delicious cocktails! Yesss! 
  2. Shaker 2in1 – A must have tool in every cocktail lovers kitchen! This one is awesome! Shaker and glass in one!
  3. McKeòwn Tuque – super snug and comfy. This is a Quebec cider company that makes some mighty tasty ciders, so many flavours and some awesome pics on their IG page!
  4. Sailor Jerry’s Glass – the perfect glass for a glass of scotch or whiskey. I love Sailor Jerry’s so will be making a drink with the recipe provided too! 
  5. Beau’s Brewing Sunglasses – these are fun blue sunnies, perfect to wear when having that cold patio brewski! Still need to try their brews, heard good things about this Ontario Brewery!

Bonus! Love free stuff? Check out their Club Prestige where you get ‘Barrel’ points for each box, each referral, and more toward awesome goodies like a tasting flight paddle (I am obsessed with these btw), and a portable bar (literally full of all the tools you need to make a cocktail! Be sure to check out their Boutique too to purchase past box items like the Ginger Syrup kit and the Chocolate Cocktail kit! Their plans start at $27.99 a month (that’s Canadian!) so about $21 US plus shipping. Be sure to use code MYBOX10 for 10% off your subscription. Order here;

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