Food Trip To – Indonesia!



Bienvenue à FoodTripTo!

I was so excited to see the words Indonesia on this box. Lately I have been daydreaming about a trip I took to Southeast Asia 6 years ago, and Indonesia was truly my favourite part of the trip. Beautiful Ubud Bali, I’ll never forget how at peace and happy I was.

This subscription box is great for those who love to travel or cook! Each box will be specific to a new country around the world, immerse yourself in their culture with the help of these guys! This box contained 6 ingredients and 2 accessories so you can experience true Indonesian cuisine from your own home! Create a full Balinese BBQ with a grocery list, all the recipes, facts, key phrases, music playlist and even a movie suggestion list to enjoy the meal to! In this box you will find;

  1. Emping manis pedas – spicy chips!
  2. Satay spice mix
  3. pasta asam – tamarind paste
  4. magga kering – dried mangos yuuuum
  5. kecap manis – sweet soy sauce
  6. gula jawa – Palm sugar
  7. skewers
  8. coconut shell bowl

I love that 10% of the purchase of a box went to Oxfam-Quebec which helps fight poverty, inequality, and injustice around the world. Order your box today, and use code Friend5 for $5 off your box! They ship to Canada and the US, boxes are $39.90 or less if you order more! Terima Kasih 🙏🏻


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