Candy Experience


Candy obsessed? Got those sugar cravings? How bout a sweet tooth? Candy Experience will bring you a boat load of sweet and sour candies each month to satisfy everyone! You can expect 6-7 different types and flavours of sweets and sours with the Original box, 4-5 in the Personal box and 12+ in the Experience box. Perhaps some warheads, gummy worms, hot tamales, chocolate rocks and the list goes on and on and on! I have a major sweet tooth, missing the days we had 1 cent candies, but still happy running to the store for the 5-10 cent ones! But this box? These are the harder to find sugary sweets, not those bulk ones in your local candy store! Plus some chocolate goodies in the colder months. In this box we got;

  1. Mini sour blue raspberry slices – my favorite hands down!
  2. Assorted fruit sours – these are like juice explosions in your mouth! So juicy!
  3. Peach penguins – a classic!
  4. Blue raspberry bottles – so soft!
  5. Pink lemonade laces – wow, these legit taste exactly like pink lemonade, even sour!
  6. Wild cherry drops – not a hard candy fan but yummy!
  7. Honey sesame crunch bites – had these before, so yummy and crunchy!

Got a craving you need filled? This Canadian subscription is only $32.95 for the Original box that has 3 pounds of candy in 6-7 flavours, and $23.95 for the Personal box each month with 2 pounds of candy and 4-5 flavours or the Experience box for $59.95 a month with 12 flavours and types of candy! Holy moses! Add $9.95 for shipping for the first two boxes and $14.95 for the experience box shipping.

For gift box options they have the original for $33.95 for 6 types of candies, the Party Gift Box with 9 flavours for $47.95 and $11.95 shipping. Lastly the experience gift box with 12 types of candies for $61.95. Order here and get 10% off with code boxgirl10 for a monthly subscription or boxgirl10gift for a one-time box order, but trust me, you’ll want it every month!

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