Universal Yum – March, April, May & June



Love getting a chance to experience a new country, love how Universal Yum box allows me to do just that! Universal Yums is an international subscription box that contains sweets and snacks from a different country each month starting at $13.00 monthly. The information cards are adorable too, they have info on the country, each snack and how it’s unique to that country, a playlist, trivia and a little hint on the next months destination. We have the following;

1. March Phillipines Box – I didn’t like this box too much, the Polvoron Manila shortbread were kinda tasty in a cookie dough type way but the rest was far too weird for me!

2. April Poland Box – This month was tasty! I really liked the Milka bars, and the chips tasted like ramen noodles!

3. May Greece Box – I loved this one! That chocolate croissant was soooo yummy! The rose candies were interesting, and the breadsticks were something new and good!

4. June USA Box – I wasn’t expecting to see a USA box but kinda happy because I surprisingly never heard of these. My favourite was the black and white cookie, it  was so soft and sweet! The habañero praline was so bizarre, but fun to try!

I also posted the Feb France box and Jan Turkey box when I first started out if you missed it, France and Greece were favs for sure. Kinda sad I cancelled my subscription as the July Taiwan and August Brazil boxes look fun too! Order here;



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