Dream Delivered 


What do you want to be when you grow up? Is your little one imagining what their life will be like? Dream Delivered will help them use their imagination to discover what their interests are. A firefighter, veterinarian, pilot, news anchor, mayor… dare to dream! Each month Dream Delivered will send your child a box to encourage career exploration. How fun?! You’ll find 4+ activities to get them excited about that months career. In this box you’ll learn about the Medical world. Some info on organs and body parts, injuries, surgery, and more. 

  1. Create your on Stethoscope
  2. Creat human brain model
  3. Create model of human lung 
  4. Create model of how the spine and backbones move
  5. Practice suturing 

Bonus, for each box purchased another box will go to a child in the ‘dream desert’, which is an area where these educational opportunities don’t exist. How amazing is that? Starting at only $23 a month with a year subscription. And there you have it, you child is on their way to discover what the future holds for them! Order here;


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