Spice Madam


Time to spice it up! I’ve truly fell in love with cooking lately, so many new and exciting ingredients that I’ve been creating amazing dishes with. Recently I’ve of Spice Madam which is a spice subscription sending you on an aromatic adventure to a new destination every month. You can expect to find a array of spices, likely ones that you haven’t had the chance to try because you either can’t find them or you haven’t been tempted to make a dish that involves ingredients that are outside your comfort zone. Spice up your dinner or meal with new spices along with recipes that will inspire you to level up in the kitchen, the recipes include vegetarian and gluten-free options and also include fun facts and music suggestions. Only the best high quality spices from around the world. You can expect to receive 3-4 freshly ground or whole spices from a different region each month. In this box we have spices from GOA;

  1. Turmeric – I combined all 4 ingredients in an Indian Curry and it was amazing!
  2. Indian Chili Powder
  3. Goan Spice Blend
  4. Black Mustard Seed

Starting at $18.33 a month for a year subscription with free shipping across the US. Plus you’ll be happy to know that every box sold supports a non-profit for youth education. Need to stock up your kitchen? Check out their online spice store where you can purchase extra packets of spices you loved or missed out on! From Biryani Masala to French Lavender. Order here;



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