Boot Black Brand


If you know me you’d know I’m all about the cocktails and always practicing my mixology techniques at home, perfecting some of my fav cocktails and trying out new products. Recently I was introduced to Book Black Brand which makes syrups, perfect for cocktails! With the perfect combo of herbs and spice they create some delicious products that you can add to your favorite alcoholic beverage or to a virgin cocktail or soda.

This company makes handcrafted, small batch,  natural syrups in an array of flavors, just add 1 part of syrup with 2 parts of your favorite spirit and 3 parts soda or seltzer and your set! Although I like to jazz it up and add bitters, fruit juices and other goodies to create the perfect concoction. From Old Fashioned’s with a smokey finish to Margarita’s with a kick of ginger, they’ve got a few to choose from to make each cocktail individual and fun! Choose from individual bottles, 3 packs, 4 packs, or cocktail kits which include a bottle, 2 glasses and 2 coasters, all straight from Rhode Island. My absolute favorite is the super smokey Modern Old Fashioned, just take a whiff, it’s unbelievable and is the perfect touch to sprucing up an Old Fashioned. If I wanted to get that smoky essence, I’d have to do it the professional way of lighting a piece of wood on fire and capturing the smoke in the glass… I’m not that fancy! I would never know how to do that! Their products;

  1. Classic Citrus Tonic
  2. Ginger Cardamom Lime
  3. Cranberry Jalapeno Lime
  4. Traditional Old Fashioned
  5. Modern Old Fashioned

The kits are $29.00 and are the perfect house warming gift or hostess gift. Great for date nights out, just bring the box and your set while camping, at the lake or home with friends. Individual bottles are $17.99, 3 packs are $49.99 and 4 packs are $59.99. I would suggest trying out the 4 pack along with the smaller Modern OF syrup which is $14.99. Order here;


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