Stress Less Box


Breathe in, breathe out and just stress less! Loving this Stress Less box, it’s very encouring and reminds me to take some time for myself. With a goal of making you feel calm this box is filled with goodies that will help ease your mind, body and soul. In this box;

1. TeaPigs – love this whole flower chamomile tea! This company is great, they have toooons of flavours too! Happy that it’s not just one tea bag but 15! Umm hello! 🍵

2. Herban Essential Lavendar Towlettes – another full sized sample of 20 aromatheraputic towlettes! So many uses for these. Great for a quick refresh, makeup remover, disinfect, bug repellant, the list goes on! Just throw  couple in the ol’ purse. 

3. Curt’s Classic Kale Chips – such a yummy and healthy snack, with some cashews, raisins and sunflower seeds to keep your energized! 

4. Hugo Naturals body mist – mmm such a nice smell of this vanilla and sweet orange. So many uses yet again, spray on your skin, hair, linens and more. I like it as a nice mist on the face to help me relax. 

5. Taza dark cacao crunch chocolate – nothing like a full bar of dark chocolate, organic of course. 

I love how they included such large sized products, not the little sample sizes you usually get. They truly stuck to the theme of relaxation and stressing less, while promoting a healthy lifestyle with all natural, organic and vegan products. This is a great Christmas gift for someone who could use a little TLC, or maybe just gift yourself! 

Only $39.99 a month and free shipping! Use code RELAX for 15% off! Order here;

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