Flo Box



Ladies I’ve got a box for you and the most wonderful time of the month…. <– yes those are periods, yes we can talk about it. FLO is a super cute and convenient subscription that sends you full sized feminine products based on your preferences, you can choose between pads only, tampons only or both. Once your there you can even choose your brand! Tampax, Kotex, Playtex and even Seventh Generation which is a more organic brand. I got 2 full sized boxes in this month plus an insane amount of other items! Their intent is to be somewhat of a Survival Kit which is funny but accurate for some. Cramp, mood swings, cravings? They got you covered! You know your going to feel those woes of your fav time of the month, so why not be prepared? Sooo many treats and snacks, mmmm popcorn, gummies (ummm how did you know my favourite fruit snacks?!?), brownie bites (Natures Bakery is an amazing brand… Drooool) and cherry chocolates (mmmm Ghiradelli’s are my fav – love going to their store in San Diego for sundaes). Plus there’s more!  A selection of Stash teas, bath and body products like this bath bomb, and personal care items like cleansing cloths and advil! This box is seriously jam packed!

Order for only $15 a month plus use code KELSEY10 for an extra 10% off your first box! Order here;



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