So I finally got an iPhone8plus and the first thing I did? Look for the best phone case! I had been using my iPhone6 for the past 2 years and absolutely LOVED my first case from Carved so just had to reach out to them again. I’ve recommended them to anyone that’s asked about phone cases. Their products are beautifully designed and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Not to mention they have amazing customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, not that you’ll have to worry about that anyways. The only problem I had this time around was choosing a case! There were so many I was in love with and my personality changes basically every hour so I figured… why not just get a few to choose from and alternate!? Pictured here we have the Satellite, Kerby Rosanes and Katy Lipscomb. The packaging is super fun and corky and even the inside of the case is detailed!!!

This company has some serious talent with their graphic design and carving abilities. They believe that each piece of wood tells a story. Each with it’s own imperfections and flaws it turns into something beautiful. They sell cases for most phones and iPads as well! They have solid wood cases which are beautiful, each one is 100% unique, want the one you see in the picture on Insta? Buy it fast as there’s only one of each! They use lasers to engrave and inlay the artwork and then hand-sand and finish every single piece. They work with some very cool designers too. They have designs like Ironside which are made from premium one of a kind, hand crafted from 18th century naval timbers,…. that’s amazing! And the Seaside which are natural shell inlays and mother of pearl, fancy! I obviously love the Kerby Rosanes as this is my second case. Kerby is a Philippines-based illustrator Kerby that works with black fine liners to illustrate his “doodle” world, including a huge selection of geometric beasts, my favs are the T-Rex, Shark & Jellyfish. Then we have Katy Lipscomb who is a Georgia based illustrator who works on Watercolor animal art, my favs are the Phoenix and Octopus. Lastly the Satellite cases, that are completely one of a kind. Ever worry that someone will have the same case as you? Then this is the one for you. They are made one at a time, with every piece of wood revealing a different grain pattern, knots and pieces. They are gorgeous, and definitely something to show off. They are inspired by the beauty of Earth from the perspective of a satellite which I love. One of the coolest things? CUSTOM DESIGNS! Want a Street Topography of Vancouver, New York or Paris? You can get that! North America? Yup! Different colours of wood, Ember and Woodblock too! Want to put your logo on your case? Just upload the artwork! It’s that simple! You can even create your own design with their online tools.

They have products for any Apple, Samsung or Google device. They also sell the most intricate little flexible wood wallets. They are actually fully made of wood, made with a blend of secret oils and waxes to protect it. They are hand-stitched and come in 3 styles; Minimalist, Card Carry & Bifold. They also sell power banks to match your phone style, gorgeous Walnut and Bamboo wood bluetooth speakers and other accessories. They also ship to us Canadians! Bonus! Order here;

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